Mounting Dirt Tires

The Proper Way To Mount Hoosier Dirt Tires
March 14, 2023 by
Mounting Dirt Tires
Dan Smith

It all starts with how you mount it. Hoosier designs the dirt tires for mounting with the serial code facing the infield. So the serial code should face outboard on the left side tires and inboard on the right side tires. This rule applies to all dirt tires. Dirt tires that do not have taper (camber) built into the tire design can be unmounted and flipped to even tire wear. 

After the first heat cycle, you can flip the tire as often as you like. We recommend buffing the tire with a low-grit sanding disc before initial use and between runs. This method keeps the tire surface optimal.

Mounting Dirt Tires
Dan Smith March 14, 2023
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