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Hoosier Treaded Kart Tire 11.0/5.5-6 D20A - 11900D20A Hoosier Racing Tires
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Vendor Name: Hoosier Racing Tires
Line Code: HRT
Part Number: 11900D20A
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Tire Size   11.0 x 5.5-6
Tread Width   5.5"
Approximate Diameter   11.0"
Approximate Circumference   34.5"
Recommended Rim Width   6-6.5"
Measured Rim Width   6.0"
Section Width   6.375"
Compound   D20A
Application   Treaded Kart


Hoosier Treaded Kart Tire 11.0/5.5-6 D20A - 11900D20A



D10A 33-35 QRC 11
D20A 43-46 QRC 22
D30A 48-50 QRC 33
D50A 61-64 QRC 55
D55 64-67  




D10A is designed for a soft, wet, tacky track condition.
D20A is slightly tougher than the D10A and works well on crumbs or marbled tracks.
D30A is tougher than the D20A and performs well on cleaned off, dry-slick tracks.
D50A is designed for hard, smooth, dry-slick dirt tracks that lack grip.
D55 is designed for hard, abrasive tracks that take rubber and require grip. 




Starting pressures are contingent upon track conditions and compound selection.
SOFT/WET/TACKY: The typical starting pressure range is between 10-12 psi (cold).
MEDIUM: The typical starting pressure range is between 12-14 psi (cold).
HARD: The typical starting pressure range is between 14-16 psi (cold).




Every Hoosier race tire has a four character serial code embossed into ONE sidewall of the tire (example: J7B9). To be consistent when mounting from set to set, the tire should be placed on the rim so that the serial code faces towards the left side of the vehicle. This applies to tires without directional arrows. On tires with directional arrows, please mount the tire onto the rim so that the tire travels in the direction of the rotational arrow.

Once the tire is on the rim, we recommend placing the tire inside a mounting ring and adjusting the ring to fit snug around the tire. We highly advise using the mounting ring as we believe not using it can over stretch the carcass leading to inconsistent sizing. Never exceed 40 psi to seat beads. Once the tire has seated onto the rim, it is important the tire be initially stretched to about 10 psi over cold starting pressure to get the tire to its proper "profile". The tire should be set at this pressure for a few minutes and then dropped to the desired race pressure. The max inflation pressure is 57 psi (4.0 kg/cm2). Never exceed the max inflation pressure under any circumstance.


Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic is an authorized distributor for Hoosier Racing Tires. Our territories include Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Northeast Ohio.

We cannot ship oval track dirt or oval track pavement tires outside of our territories.

All other Hoosier products are available from Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic/Precise Racing Products anywhere in the United States.  

We apologize for the inconvenience. To locate a Hoosier Tire distributor in your area, please use this link: https://www.hoosiertire.com/distributors/

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