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Sunoco Race Fuels S-3 METHANOL 54 GAL Sunoco Race Fuel
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Vendor Name: Sunoco Race Fuel
Line Code: SUF
Part Number: 10204
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$150.00 Handling Fee Applies When Shipping This Product
Sunoco Race Fuels S-3 METHANOL 54 GAL
S-3 Racing Alcohol is prepared with AA grade Alcohol, the purest on the market.  It contains lubricants to help with corrosion and power boost additives to increase performance. S-3 consistently improves burn rate providing more combustion power and torque within all race applications. It will NOT pass a water test.
Standard Conditions Data
Color - Undyed
Octane (R+M)/2 - N/A
Research Octane - N/A
Motor Octane Number (MON) - N/A
Specific Gravity - .807
Reid Vapor Pressure (PSI) - 6.3+
A/F Ratio Stoich - 6.4+
Oxygen Content (%weight) - 48.1
Leaded - No

In-store pickup is available at our Sarver PA. and Finksburg MD. locations.

$75.00 additional hazmat fee per 5-gallon pail for shipping.

$150.00 additional hazmat fee per 54-gallon drum for shipping.

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