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Sunoco Race Fuels SR18 5 GAL - 10138 Sunoco Race Fuel
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Vendor Name: Sunoco Race Fuel
Line Code: SUF
Part Number: 10138
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Sunoco Race Fuels SR18 5 GAL - 10138

Sunoco SR18 is our ultimate high octane, fast burning racing fuel. If you have a high compression, high RPM race engine, 118 octane Sunoco SR18 is your fuel of choice.

SR18 is an excellent choice for drag racing and truck pulling, especially large displacement applications. For oval course and road racing applications, SR18 will tolerate the high cylinder pressures in racing classes where there are no compression ratio limitations.

Sunoco SR18 is for off-road and racing use only. It contains additives to enhance stability and increase storage life. As with any gasoline, SR18 should be stored in opaque, tightly sealed containers where temperatures are stable. Handled under such conditions, the shelf life of Sunoco SR18 is 2 years or more.

Color - Yellow
Octane (R+M)/2 - 118
Research Octane - 120
Motor Octane - 116
Specific Gravity - 0.704
Weight (lbs/gallon) - 5.9
Reid Vapor Pressure (PSI) - 6
Initial Boiling Point (°F) - 99
10% Evaporation (°F) - 166
50% Evaporation (°F) - 209
90% Evaporation (°F) - 213
Final Boiling Point (°F) - 223
Stoichiometric Air/Fuel Ratio - 15.1
Oxygen (weight%) - 0
Ethanol (volume%) - 0
Methanol (volume%) - 0
H/C Ratio - 2.2
Lower Heating Value (Btu/Gallon) - 111000
Lower Heating Value (Btu/Pound) - 18950
Leaded -Yes

In-store pickup is available at our Sarver PA. and Finksburg MD. locations.

$75.00 additional hazmat fee per 5-gallon pail for shipping.

$150.00 additional hazmat fee per 54-gallon drum for shipping.

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