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Sunoco Race Fuels OPTIMA 5 GAL - 10136 Sunoco Race Fuel
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Vendor Name: Sunoco Race Fuel
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Part Number: 10136
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Sunoco Race Fuels OPTIMA 5 GAL - 10136

Sunoco Optima is an unleaded fuel blended from highly-refined hydrocarbon blendstocks.  Optima does not contain ethanol or MTBE and is oxygenate-free.  Optima has excellent storage characteristics, making it ideal for storing vehicles and gasoline-powered equipment, especially those requiring an exceptionally stable unleaded fuel.

Optima is specially formulated to be easy on gaskets, o-rings, and other fuel system components.  It also promotes quick mixing with 2-stroke oils in both air-cooled and water-cooled applications.  Sunoco Optima is an excellent choice for gasoline-powered yard, farm, and industrial equipment and other small engine applications that may not be used on a regular basis.  Gasoline stabilizers are not needed when using Sunoco Optima.

Sunoco Optima contains detergent additives for engine cleanliness as well as anti-oxidants and corrosion inhibitors to enhance storage life.  Optima is not a street-legal fuel and is for off-road and racing use only.  However, it will not harm oxygen sensors or catalytic converters.  When stored in air-tight, opaque fuel containers, the shelf life of Sunoco Optima is in excess of three years.

Disclaimer: Legal in California only for racing vehicles in sanctioned racing events.
Legal: Not street legal
Tech Details
  • Color - Not Dyed
  • Octane (R+M)/2  - 95
  • Research Octane - 98
  • Motor Octane  - 92
  • Specific Gravity -  0.722
  • Weight (lbs/gallon) - 6
  • Reid Vapor Pressure - 8
  • 10% Evaporation  - 132
  • 50% Evaporation  - 215
  • 90% Evaporation    228
  • Stoichiometric Air/Fuel Ratio  - 14.9
  • Oxygen (weight%)  - 0
  • Ethanol (volume%)  - 0
  • Methanol  - 0
  • Dielectric Constant  - 0
  • Leaded - No

In-store pickup is available at our Sarver PA. and Finksburg MD. locations.

$75.00 additional hazmat fee per 5-gallon pail for shipping.

$150.00 additional hazmat fee per 54-gallon drum for shipping.

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