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Schaeffers Citrol Degreaser - 0266-1 Schaeffers Oil
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Vendor Name: Schaeffers Oil
Line Code: SOC
Part Number: 0266-1
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Schaeffers Citrol Degreaser - 0266-1

  • Citrol® is a safe, biodegradable degreaser with astonishing cleaning power
  • It outperforms solvent, solvent emulsion and alkaline cleaners for removal of heavy greases, carbonized oils, gear lubes, grease buildups, oily deposits, tar and bituminous deposits
  • Equally effective in soak tanks, pressure spray, foam on and manual cleaning methods, or in high pressure cleaning applications outdoors
  • One of the few solvents tough enough to remove stubborn printer's ink
  • Citrol® is a powerful degreaser that falls outside the EPA and OSHA hazardous waste regulations when mixed with water
  • Schaeffer developed the products because the EPA and OSHA are moving towards requiring gallon for gallon "use-and-disposal" records of all petroleum products
  • This means if you buy 55 gallons of kerosene or Stoddard Solvent, you will have to account for the disposal of all 55 gallons
  • Citrol® is the biodegradable, citrus-based solution
  • Gentle on Hands
    • Harsh solvents can dry out your skin and crack your cuticles
    • Citrol® is made from orange and lemon extract making it a friendly degreaser - safe for people, and gentle on the hands
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