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Hoosier Late Model / E-Mod Dirt 8.0-23.0 13 100 - 36056100 Hoosier Racing Tires
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Vendor Name: Hoosier Racing Tires
Line Code: HRT
Part Number: 36056100
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Tire Size   8.0-23.0 13
Tread Width   8.0
Approximate Diameter   23.3
Approximate Circumference   73.0
Recommended Rim Width   7-8
Measured Rim Width   7
Section Width   9.3
Compound   100
Application   Late Model / E-Mod / Street Stock Dirt



Hoosier Late Model / E-Mod Dirt 8.0-23.0 13 100 - 36056100

We are an authorized distributor for Hoosier Racing Tires in the Great Plains and Mid-Atlantic areas of the US. The Great Plains and Mid-Atlantic territory includes Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Northeast Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

We cannot ship Hoosier oval track dirt or oval track asphalt tires outside of our territories.

To locate a Hoosier Racing Tire distributor in your area, please click this link: 


All Other Hoosier Tires and products including karting, ATV, drag racing, pro street radials, road race tires, and Hoosier apparel can be sold and shipped to any location within the United States.

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